Let's Start with the Easy Stuff, Like Lone, Crazed Assassins Killing a President;

the President-to-be; and the Next President-to-be:

      1.  You may remember our Beloved Young President's skull and brains being blown backward in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.  ANY shooter knows full-well the "spray" ALWAYS goes the same direction as the bullet.

      The government assures us the lone, crazed assassin killed President John F. Kennedy from behind.  Of course, if that were true, the "spray" of our President's blood, skull and brains would have been blown forward.  

      The November 1963 coup d'état b.s. defies every single possible Law of Physics and there isn't a Revolution!?  Ask any experienced shooter.  S/he will confirm the shots that blew President Kennedy"s skull, brain, and blood backward HAD to come from the front.

      For God's sake, Please HELP wrest our beloved Nation Free from unchecked Fear, Hatred, Bigotry, Racism; all Enforced by the World's most Obscene Militarism.

      2.  Now, let's look at the certain President-to-be.  There were no doubters:  U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy was going to overwhelm Richard Nixon, an unpopular Crook in a fair fight in November 1968.

      So, it had to be fixed.

      Our government dusted off its lone, crazed assassin scam to assure us our  President-to-be was murdered by Sirhan Sirhan, with but a single, small-bore pistol.       


      Sirhan Sirhan utilized an eight-shot Iver Johnson .22 caliber Cadet Revolver, serial #H-53725.  The revolver now rests in the California State Archives in Sacramento.  Next time you're in Sacramento, check it out:  Iver Johnson .22 caliber Cadet Revolver=8 shots, max.

      There were an astounding 345 mass shootings in the United States in 2017.  What can we expect in a country that forcefully and militarily occupies 140 of the World's 203 countries; devotes 70 percent of its national budget (figure includes unpaid interest on countless past wars) SOLELY to killing; and can somehow ignore 345 mass shootings in but one year? 

      Readers, please don't diss honest, ethical shooters.  They do exist.  In Montana, for example, we attended superb junior high classes that focused on all gun protocols, especially safety.  Our teachers were dedicated and conscientious; their classes in-depth and all-inclusive.

      Any reporter, ethical shooter, or racist gun nut can examine Sirhan's .22 caliber Iver Johnson Cadet Revolver, serial # H-53725 in the California State Archives and personally confirm the revolver incapable of more than the eight bullets for which it was designed and engineered. 

    However, outside the United States, the World's top acoustic engineers carefully dissected tapes of President-to-be U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's assassination and identified 16 distinct and separate shots. 

      Sixteen separate shots from an eight-shot Iver Johnson Cadet .22 revolver.  This REALLY put the C.I.A.'s and F.B.I.'s cynical, tired, worn out, beyond ridiculous "lone gunman" LIES for ALL 1960s' United States' political assassinations to the test.


      Rather than address their LIES, the C.I.A. and F.B.I. skipped the notion of thorough investigations and quickly moved on to thousands' more assassinations. 


      Let's look at the other President-to-be.  Who gave James Earl Ray, an itinerate pauper and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s alleged assassin ALL Money Necessary for Full Facial Reconstruction Surgery;

Extended foreign travel (Portugal, Belgium, England); and Mr. Ray's plans to settle down in murderous white-ruled Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

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