Billionaires, Banksters, and Living Corporations that own everything want poor, disabled, sick, and homeless people to disappear.  Every year, the Drug Wars arrest only poor people.  More prisons are built every year.  The United States locks up more people than all the rest of all the countries in the World.  Is this something of which to be proud.

There's such an evil Undercurrent that United States' poor should die like the rats they are.  Or, the Indigenous Peoples, Or, the Slaves, whose frequent deaths--by-cop NEVER generate prosecutions,

To those building the cornerstones of the World's three major upcoming new currencies, Trump is their Hero, their very own cornerstone. 

If Trump is reelected, there be Joy in Mudville!  Finally, this most insecure tiny, tiny man with his infantile 

"Biggest Button-Bigger Than Yours"  fetish becomes the Hero in which he has always brainwashed Himself to believe.  (Outside the United States, only).

Since Trump, Bush/Baucus (2000), and Obama all tossed the dollar into the crapper by diverting all U.S. resources and wealth to one-percenters not living in the United States; There is no United States economy.  Only gaping, fatal, loop-holed exceptions for the War Machine's Living Corporations' Military Contractors, all unaccountable, due to no audits.

Toward the end of July 2018, Trump "Declared War" upon ALL Europe. 

"WAR,"  with NO modifiers, such as "trade" war.  Just pure, unadulterated "WAR."   

During His late-July 2018 War against ALL of Europe, Trump simultaneously declared ALL Europe to be "Our Enemies."

Once again, not a single modifiers, not even explaining who "Our" is! Trump's domestic disapproval ratings hover around 60 percent.  We can't possibly be His self-claimed "Our."





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